The Optics Test Stations OTS 200 and OTS 500 are measuring systems for all classical optical parameters like EFL (focal length)(positive/negative), BFL, FFL, Radius (concave/convex), MTF on axis and centering error of single lenses and optical systems. An additional Software module provides measuring functions for air distances, lens thickness and centering measurement of surfaces in assembled optical systems.

Measuring functions of the standard system

-effective focal length

-back focal length

-flange Focal Length

-radius of curvature

Optional additional measuring functions

-modulation transfer function (MTF)

-centering in transmission

-centering in reflection

-long EFL › 2000 mm

-lens thickness

-refractive index

-deflection of windows

-wedge angle of windows

-90° angle of prisms

Measuring functions with the additional Software Lens Test

-air gaps

-lens thickness

-lens radii

-centering / tilt of surfaces


Measuring functions of the special version for cylindrical lenses

-twist of cylindrical lenses

-symmetry of cylindrical lenses

-wedge angle of cylindrical lenses