For Running Water Analysis

The RWA system operation is based on a modified purge and trap-GC technology. The system is a full spectrometry GC, with capillary column, as a means of chemical analysis on an embedded ARM micro-controller. Along with a concentration vs time graphical representation of the Real-Time chormatograph peaks as they elude the GC column. The results are saved on a micro SD card for later examining or downloading. If the value received deviate from the specified, high or low (according to prefined parameters), the system will alert and activate actions as determined by the control and operating software.

The system can send and receive I/O commands as a result of the results obtained, as defined in the operating and control software, for the purpose of closing valves to prevent the contamination from spreading, visual and audible alerts, send voice and text messages, etc. Multiple systems can be connected and communicate between them and the control centre for maximum flexibility to minimise response time on emergencies or for generating any command and to maximize damage