OLFOSENSE (Odor detector)
For Environmental Odor Network

With meteo station
With meteo station

The OlfoSense is an environmental control tool designed to create a professional network for odor leakage monitoring over large areas and at the perimeter of plants. The OlfoSense is type of odor detector which able to detects the odor levels and other VOCs + concentration of H2S and NH3 in real time and gives out the odor concentration in UO/m3. The unit either operates standalone or multiple units (along with metro stations), it gives a real time display of the odor/ compounds effects spreading in the field in real-time. This odor detector also provide network connection to a central server for an easy management.

Features (with meteo station):
• Monitoring 24h per day of odor on territory
• Detecting of odor (with day & time)
• Automatically calculating the final report in Odor unit (OU/m3)
• Measuring wind speed and direction
• Crossing results with wind direction (checking the consistency of the results)
• Sending an alarm by GSM/ UMTS/ IneterNet (modem device)
• Power: 25W – 220V/50Hz or solar panel (optional)