BLOWN ION SERIES (Atmospheric Plasma)

Enercon blown ion system is an atmospheric plasma to serve the purpose of plasma surface activation and treatment. It used to treat both conductive and non-conductive surface to improve surface adhesion prior bonding and glue with ink, coating and adhesive. Low pressure is not needed for this atmospheric plasma system. Several atmospheric plasma torches can be easily integrated into one system to provide a wide plasma surface activation area.


      • User friendly operation control.
      • Start/ Stop remotely control.
      • Continuous Duty Power with rugged type.
      • Safety Interlocks included.
      • Remote operation, loss of treatment indicator, safety and operational interlocks using communication interface cable.
      • Using advanced protective circuitry to monitor and protects against over current, under power and air flow.
      • Maintenance is low and negligible.
      • Using Dual Head Option – So it can be aligned to increase treat width, extend dwell time or be used to treat multiple angles
      • Optional: – Tri-functional Treater Switch