For Wafer Application

Alpha plasma Q-series is design for microwave plasma asher in wafer manufacturing process. With the use of microwave activation, the plasma etching of the photo-resist and descum on the wafer will be most effective. The Alpha Plasma Asher Q-series is used after or before dry or wet etching process in the removal of photo resist or  any other epoxy base resist. This microwave plasma etching process provide consistent etching rate, uniformity and  repeatability within a single wafer and between batch. The unique plasma etching capability is also use in the removal of sacrificial layers in SU 8 and MEMS fabrication.

Process Chamber Quartz Glass
Microwave Power 2.45 GHz adjustable between 50 – 1200 watts
Possible Wafer Size 125 mm to 200 mm
Temperature Control Check Optional


Dimensions & Chamber Size:

Model System Dimension (mm) Chamber Diameter (mm) Depth (mm) Volume (litres)
Q240 W760 x D770 x H775 Φ 240 460 21
Q235 W620 x D500 x H550 Φ235 260 11
Q150 W500 x D370 x H550 Φ150 260 6