Fully Automatic System

Astro 96 is a fully automated strip microwave plasma system. It design for the mass production for the strips plasma cleaning. Astro 96 has a robust loader and unloader to handle sensitive substrate with jam free solution. With this microwave plasma, it will improve wire bonding, flip chip underfill and molding for advance packaging process of IC manufacturing.

Process Aluminium
Microwave Power 2.45GHz, 2 sets of microwave generator (magnetron) adjustable between 50 to 600 watts each air cooled
System Dimension W1635 x H2265 (with light tower) x D1405 (mm)
Chamber Dimension W330 x H120 x D420 (mm)
Volume 16.6 litres
Loading Fully automatic gripper with force sensor
Lead frame In/Out

–   Lead frame In/Out for same magazine and same slot (Standard)

–   Lead frame In/Out for different magazine and same/different slot (Option)

Jam detection system with adjustable push force to prevent lead frames from damaging.