For Polymide Removal


AL 76 for Polymide removal is a production type of Plasma Asher which can be use to remove the photoresist on the wafer. The AL 76 use the microwave plasma etching method for removal of SU 8 and others resist based on epoxy. Others then a mass production Plasma Asher, this system also can use it capabilities to improve the wire bonding, flip chip underfill and molding.

Process Aluminium
Microwave Power 2.45GHz adjustable between 50 to 1200 watts
System Dimension W1050 x H2020 (with light tower) x D800 (mm)
Chamber Dimension W400 x H400 x D490 (mm)
Volume 78 litres
Loading Single platform loading

Wafer Cassette (up to 12” wafer)

Temperature Control Chuck Loading (optional)


Temprature Control Chuck
Polymide Removal
Wafer Cleaning