GDA-X (Explosive Detector)

Airsense GDA-X is type of model on Airsense GDA series for portable gas and explosive detector. It has the same scope of work as GDA-FR with include of explosive detector mode. The GDA-X is able to detect chemical substance and gaseous that is danger for human life and environment. With the improved mode of operation, the slow-evaporating substances such as the explosive compound can be detected. So this device is suitable to use as an explosive detector. With this explosive detecting mode, the system will provide a quick analysis on sample taken with a special wipe sampling pad. In this mode, the front X-TOOL allow slow evaporating substances desorption into gaseous state for analysis. The suspicious items analysis result will come out within seconds.


X-ray and Gamma detector (Geiger counter) will be an option to integrate onto the detector for further detection of harmful radiation. This will protect human in the nuclear event. This will broaden the detection of dangerous substance within a single analytical instrument.


  • Hybrid Sensor technology: IMS, PID, EC and MOX
  • Easy analysis for explosive substance.
  • Optional:  Geiger Counter (X-ray & gamma detector